3Shape MOVE+

Take active patient involvement to the next level and choose TRIOS MOVE.

With an adjustable arm and a big swiveling screen.

3Shape MOVE+

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Touch screen

Navigate directly on the LCD touch screen, available in two sizes.

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Adjustable arm

Maneuver the arm and swivel screen right where you need it.

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PC included

Comes with a powerful PC, designed for fast and smooth scanning with TRIOS.


Show scans easily, boost involvement
One of the challenges of working with intraoral scans is in organizing the physical space: how to position your screen in the right place to not only prepare and scan but also share your work? To help you solve this, we developed TRIOS MOVE+. It allows you to move your screen with digital scans, images, and simulated expected treatment outcomes to where the patient sits. This helps them picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance. On top of that, it is more ergonomical for dentists.




  • Screen: larger 15.6” Full HD touch screen, giving you a 36 % larger working area
  • USB 2.0 port on the back side of your screen for import and export of your scans


  • Screen: original 13.3” Full HD touch screen
  • No additional USB port