MoonRay D

For dentistry
MoonRay D is a newly developed DLP 3D printer for the dental industry, which can easily, quickly and accurately print dental products such as dental models, crowns and surgical guides. Aiming at the requirements of the dental industry, MoonRay D uses a new type of RayOne DLP projector, and uses the company’s self-developed photosensitive resin material and special supporting software, providing a perfect solution with high precision, high efficiency and easy operation for the dental industry.
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Functional Characteristics
Efficient                                                                                                                                Precise                                                                                      A variety of dental products
It takes about 3.5-4 hours to print a full                                      High precision print matching, smooth                                    It can match professional dental products such as dental model,
version of 1/4 die (7 dies) to help customers                            model surface  , no protruding foreign bodies                            digital dentures, digital wax up models, dental tray and surgical guides improve production efficiency
Equipment Parameters



Technical parameters MoonRay-D
Build Volume 96×60×200mm³
XY Resolution 0.075mm
Layer Thickness 0.02—0.1mm
Printing Speed 10-20s/layer
Machine Size 380×380×500mm³
Printing Principle DLP
Software DentalRay
File Format STL、SLC
System Supported Windows、Mac OS