About Us

Who We Are

Digital Dental GateDDG” is a subsidiary of Ekrayem United Group Specialized in Dental Integrated CADCAM System Solutions technology and a successful conglomerate. Led by a talented team of professionals, DDG has evolved and diversified over a short time (6 years) to become one of the fastest-growing regional success story today. The professional and unique services and solution provided by DDG made it one of top leading players in business domain segment.

DDG is a privately-held holding company Based in Damascus, Syria, operating across the region Founded in 2013 by Ekrayem United Group.

  • Vision: Be one of the leading and most trusted Digital dental integrated solution provider in the region.
  • Philosophy and Core Values Statement:

Within a short period DDG has seen great change in the business environment. Business has become more sophisticated. The company has adapted and flourished along the way, a fact attested to the company impeccable standing today.

Such phenomenal growth in the face of immense change has only been possible because of the company’s solid grounding in a core set of beliefs and corporate values that define the company. These are universal attributes that the company lives by:

    • Honesty: Honesty, transparency and credibility are core to all company activities.
    • Integrity: Adherence to strict ethical standards is the foundation of company does
    • Quality: Ensuring the provision of the highest quality services is fundamental to company and everything we do, we do with excellence
    • Passion: Everything we do, we do with enthusiasm
    • Accountability: Everything we do, we do responsibly
    • Teamwork: Everything we do, we do together
    • Customer Care: Everything we do, we do with customers at heart
  • Leadership:

Being pioneers and venturing into uncharted waters with dedication and focus are central to the company’s management philosophy.

“We Believe: Living by our core values is not a guarantee of good performance,

But not living by our core values is definitely a guarantee of bad performance!”

The Road Ahead

As the DDG faces the future, it does so knowing that the philosophies and ideals that have guided it since 2013 will continue to see the company thrive for many years to come. The company is always actively planning further diversification and looking to new frontiers. Throughout all of this activity, the company remains confident that its values and traditions will guide it on the right path.

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